Does Victoria Nuland have pictures of everyone in DC in bed with a) dead prostitutes, b) little boys, or c) chickens?

Victoria Nuland’s role in shaping the Benghazi talking points is coming under much more scrutiny, as the scandal unfolds. She was obviously attempting to “please her building” ( that’s Hillary) and help concoct, and construct, the lies. She knows who gave the orders.

But far more fascinating is the lady herself. It appears that her only allegiance is to whomever is in power, and signs her paychecks.

Here’s the link to her biography on Wikipedia.

But here’s the key stats:

In the Clinton administration, she served as Chief of Staff to Deputy Sec. of State Strobe Talbott. His ties to the Clintons go way back to their days at Yale.

In the Bush administration, she served as the principal deputy foreign policy adviser to Dick Cheney (yes, that’s right..Dick Cheney!!!) and then as our ambassador to NATO.

And we all know about her most recent gig, as mouthpiece for Hillary at the State Dept.

Truly, the mind boggles. What was Cheney thinking? There was no other person suitable for that position? You’re kidding, right? Here’s an idea. Can we pull up the list of resident scholars at AEI or Heritage at the time she got the job? See who was available for that important, and prestigious slot. I mean, after all, everyone inside the Beltway knew that Cheney was really running the country.

Wait, just wait, it gets even better?

Three days ago, Dick Cheney, her former boss, told House Republicans that they should subpoena Hillary Clinton, her former boss. Oops!!

Poor Victoria. Whatever’s a girl to do????

But gotta give the lady her props. She may well be the consummate DC insider, and the symbol of all that is wrong with America today, as our self-appointed ruling class perpetuates themselves.

Hercules cleaned the Augean stables. I doubt that even he could drain the DC cesspool.

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