The really big question about "Benghazigate": If it explodes, will Obama throw Clinton under the bus?

Monday evening, FOX news broke the story that several survivors of the attack on the embassy in Benghazi were hiring lawyers and attempting to secure whistle-blower status. At yesterday’s press conference, we were treated to the spectacle of Obama lying through his teeth, gazing at FOX’s Ed Henry, and claiming that he wasn’t aware of that report. He’d obviously been busily engaged in extensive Oval Office briefings about the national security implications of Jason Collin’s announcement that he was gay.

To date, the MSM has not shown any interest in pursuing the story. The House is going to hold additional hearings, possibly subpoena some of the survivors, and this may be what finally cracks the story wide open.

However, it’s the OTHER story which is just barely beginning to percolate below the surface. At her testimony before Congress, Hillary Clinton proved conclusively that she is either a) a pathological liar or b)dumb as a rock, and most definitely far too stupid to be president. It’s really that cut and dried; it’s one or the other.

So, if the Benghazigate investigation gains traction, will the Obama administration attempt the ultimate Hail Mary to save itself, and toss Hillary under the bus, and blame it all on her, and the failures inside HER State Dept?

The answer here, is yes, silly, obviously…. do you even have to ask?

There is no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas. He snatched the 2008 nomination right out of her hands, and she played a very dirty game during the primaries. But after winning, Democrats again did what they always do best: share the spoils, put on a happy face for the public, pretend there’s nothing to see, and go about the business of ruining the country and perpetuating a Democrat majority.

The political calculus is obvious. If Benghazigate grabs the public interest, and the blame sticks to Obama, then the Democrats are finished in the 2014 elections, and Obama won’t be able to do anything except play golf for the last two years of his term. And for a narcissist obsessed with his legacy, that’s simply unacceptable. But far more important, it would so damage the Democrat brand, that no Democrat, even Hillary, could be elected in 2016.

So Hillary will be sacrificed. It won’t be pretty, and she (and Bill) won’t go quietly. It will be an epic battle: “The Last Stand of the Clintonistas.” And they might well win. But most Democrats will fall in behind Obama, and lay the blame off on Hillary and her (then) State Dept administration.

And that means that the 2016 Democrat nomination will be wide open. And that’s why today, every time there’s a big article in the MSM about the inevitability of Hillary in 2016, right next to it there’s a little blurb about a Cuomo, or an O’Malley, or a Villagarossa, and what they’re doing (or rather, NOT doing about 2016). They too can read the tea leaves.

Note: Until a few days ago, Deval Patrick would have been on the short list, but Boston has ended any dreams he might have harbored. Not the bombing, but the news that the entire family was on public assistance..to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. That’s going to be Patrick’s “Willie Horton” moment..

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