Memo to W: There's still time. Please, just get on a plane to London today...

Mr. President, there’s really no nice way to say it. I’m utterly dismayed at your bad judgement and yes, let me say it, compassionless and uncharitable decision not to attend Lady Thatcher’s funeral tomorrow. I mean, what could you possibly have to do this Wednesday that’s more important?

We knew that Obama wouldn’t attend. We expected it. All living presidents were invited. Your dad’s not up to the trip, though I’m sure he wanted to attend. And I suspect that the Iron Lady’s not terribly miffed that Carter and Clinton bailed on the invite. But Mr. President, you are really blowing it big time by not going. For three reasons:

1. As a former president, you owed it to the lady who was the leader of America’s most important ally and our strongest advocate, since WW II, to attend.

2. Even if you weren’t a former president, you should attend as a representative of your father. GHWB and Lady Thatcher were joined at the hip for the first Gulf War; indeed her admonition to your dad to “not go wobbly” is memorable. If only he had heeded it domestically ( see: “Read my lips, no new taxes”) he’d have won a second term, (and just think, we’d have been spared the Clintons….both of them)

3. Your dad won the White House basically as Reagan’s third term. Your dad would NEVER have been president if not for Reagan..and then you, of course, would not have become governor and then president. Just about everything your family has achieved politically is due to Reagan choosing your dad as his vice-president. As I’m sure that you recall the touching image of Lady Thatcher laying her hand on Reagan’s casket, and the touching, and elegant eulogy she delivered at his funeral. So, Mr. President, you can’t take two days to attend her service?

It’s not too late, Mr. President. You can still make it across the pond. Please, go…