So, which will last longer: Ashley Judd's on-screen appearance in "Olympus Has Fallen," or her putative Senate campaign?

I went to see “Olympus Has Fallen” the other day, primarily because I’d read that it got a pretty decent reception at CPAC. For me, the movie was less than OK..all the computer generated stuff looks very artificial, and there were far too many technical, and tactical, mistakes, and much of the plot strained credibility.

But this is NOT a movie review. So, imagine my astonishment, as the film begins..why, there’s Ashley Judd..playing the President’s wife. And more amazing still, they actually kill her off inside the first 5 minutes. The heroic Secret Service agent makes the tough ( but 100% correct ) decision to save the President’s life, at the expense of the First Lady. He lets her drown in the limousine. She’s dead Jack. (And just between us, there was absolutely NO real reason for Judd’s role. We could just as easily been introduced to the President as a widower.)

I must confess that about this time, I was thoroughly confused. Was this a terror/horror film, and NOT an action/adventure thriller? My genres were all screwed up. I was convinced there was NO way Ashley Judd’s character would die so suddenly. She would arise from the grave, later on, to stalk, er..save the country.

Oscar Wilde told us that “life imitates art.” Others would suggest the obverse. And then there’s Hollywood..happily emulating politics..or again, is it the other way around?

So there are many, many confusing metaphors in this film:

1. Is Judd’s nanosecond screen appearance an omen of her possible Senate campaign? Will both quickly slip beneath the waters? Do Democrats in her home state of Tennessee….er, Kentucky fear that she will “sink” the down-ballot candidates?

2. Would a USSS agent have dared to save Bill Clinton, and let Hillary expire? Would a USSS agent dare to even contemplate saving Barack, and letting Michelle go? Highly unlikely.

3.And then there’s Morgan Freeman. By my count, he’s made somewhat of a career playing President in numerous movies and TV show. Back then, I guess Hollywood considered it groundbreaking to depict a black president. ( Bubba doesn’t count. No way.) Well, now that we finally have a genuine black president, Hollywood goes and makes ol’ Morgan the Speaker of the House. Actually, that’s almost understandable; Freeman is lighter-skinned than Boehner.

4.I can’t be 100% sure of this ( the action was pretty frantic) but I believe that the Vice President got blown away by the terrorists. So, what does that say about Joe Biden? How does that make him feel? Finally, a role where the VEEP isn’t a clown, a buffoon, or an embittered power-crazed neo-fascist, and they go and summarily execute him. Biden speaks more lines while brushing his teeth than the screen VP says in the entire movie.

And so, my fellow Red Staters..save your money, skip the movie theater. Wait for the Blue-Ray DVD..and just think, you can rent it again in December 2016. After we elect a conservative Republican president, to go along with the GOP controlled House AND Senate, sit back, enjoy, and think….

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