Hey, Rush!!!!: Time for a new "Operation Chaos." Conservatives should support Ashley Judd. Or, I want a GOP Senate, I do NOT want Mitch McConnell as majority leader

So this morning, at 5 am, as is my usual practice, I go to Red State with my first cup of coffee, and get to start the week with TWO depressing articles from Erick.

“House conservatives must be willing to change their minds”details how the House leadership has betrayed almost everything they promised before the 2012 election, even joining with House Democrats to ram through bills overwhelmingly unpopular with the GOP caucus. And according to Whip Kevin McCarthy, we can expect ongoing serial violations of the “Hastert rule.”

Erick then reminds us that“The so-called adults with the GOP are Stupid,” as if we need reminding. Actually, as Erick writes, it is those in the Republican establishment who need to be reminded to listen to Rush 3 hours every day.

On one side in the Senate, we see Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and a few others. And then we have John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and their ilk.

The conservative GOP base, the Tea Party; WE elected a House majority in 2012, and look what we have to show for it: a Speaker Boehner. A run of the mill hack, who is about as deserving as being second in the line of succession to the White House as Joe Biden is being first in line.

So now comes the 2014 election. The GOP will hold the House, and likely gain seats, despite the psychotic dreams of Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. It appears that the House GOP caucus lacks the cojones to toss out Boehner, so we will suffer him as Speaker for yet another term

The GOP has a superb opportunity to win control of the Senate next year. Everything is aligning as if the gods had intended it to be so. Indeed, if the GOP fails to take the Senate, it will then be time to question if the Republican party should exist any longer; if it is now time for the conservative base to exit, stage right.

So now we are to be asked to give our time and treasure to elect at least 6 GOP senators next time out, in order to…what? Make Mitch McConnell the Majority Leader? Why? Right now, we have a divided Congress, which basically means that nothing gets done. What’s the alternative? Give Republicans control of Congress next time, and we cement the establishment control of the GOP, and face an endless stream of Obama vetoes? Do we really believe that a Boehner/McConnell team will move heaven and earth to push the conservative agenda? So, in the end, what would be the difference?

And then, it hit me…there IS a solution!!!!

I start with the premise that in January, 2015, there will be at least 51 Republican senators, if not more. If not, then we can forget the GOP as a viable political party. In looking at the membership of the current Senate GOP conference, I am convinced that easily 50%, plus new, more conservative members elected from GOP seats ( this means you, Saxby) and new conservative members elected from formerly Democrat seats ( hello, Tom Cotton!!!) would vote for a principled, articulate conservative as leader, instead of McConnell, if one is willing to run.

McConnell is not deserving of the leadership. But will the GOP senators be willing to violate the long-standing rules of the club? I doubt it. I have hope, but can’t be sure. My choice: Mike Lee, hands down. A principled conservative, intelligent, articulate, smooth; a great media presence..

But since we can’t be sure that Lee ( or anyone else) will oppose McConnell, or that a majority of the GOP conference will actually bypass him, there is another strategy:

It’s time for Operation Chaos 2.0! The first OC, developed by Rush Limbaugh, encouraged Republican voters to change their registration to Democrat, in order to vote for Hillary. This would keep the 2008 Democrat primary process going for as long as possible, to allow Hillary to keep on attacking Obama, and thus bloody him and make it easier for McCain to win. Didn’t quite work.

So, as I am convinced that the GOP will win at least 7 seats ( and Levin’s just announced retirement puts another Democrat seat very much in play). the ONLY way to absolutely, 100% guarantee that Mitch McConnell will NOT be the next majority leader is to make sure that Mitch McConnell does NOT return to the Senate in 2014.

McConnell won re-election in 2008 by 53%, a 106,000 vote margin. 953,000 in the state voted Republican. So, if El Rushbo can persuade 15% of the GOP voters in Kentucky to hold their noses and vote for Judd, well then…lookee here! Mitch is gone. ( Here’s an idea for him, gratis: Open a lobbying firm with Tom Daschle. It’s a natural) The leadership race is thus wide open; and a conservative should win.

Rush, call me…

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