What Conservatives Read First: The Morning Briefing. Today's brief: February 22, 2013?? Hello??

The headline is taken from the home page.

Guys, what’s going on here? I mean, really.

I’m not posting this to be snarky, but rather to suggest that perhaps the new format/layout needs tweaking. Prior to the change, the “Morning Brief” was the first thing I looked at on the home page.

Now, it appears that nobody even bothers, let alone notices. ( including the editors/mods?) I’m the first to comment on this in a week?

And maybe that’s also why it seems than a great many superb diaries get ZERO comments. People just don’t go there anymore?

Again, not trying to take a cheap shot. I believe the Erick and the rest when they say that they studied it long and hard, and that there were many good reasons for the changes.

But we should also be willing to examine the impact of these changes.