Red State Challenge: Guess the date that Bob Menendez resigns from the Senate

Sen. Menendez is toast. Burnt toast. It’s just a question of when, not if he goes. The rapidly developing scandal is moving in several different directions:

1. Reports of numerous sexual encounters with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.
2. Flying on the private jet of a major supporter who, oh yeah, just happens to have a $ one million plus IRS lien ( Question: why haven’t the grabbed the plane already?)
3. Failure to properly pay for those private trips, which will surely trigger a Senate Ethics committee investgation.
4. Investigation of his friend for allegations of Medicare fraud.

And there’s likely more.

The scandal resembles the Anthony Weiner affair, in that Menendez, like Weiner, initially believed that he could, deny, then bluff his way out of it. Once Weiner became too great an embarrassment to fellow Dem pols, he had to go. It’s likely that Dems on the Hill already understand this about Menendez; that he’s a goner. About the only person who doesn’t realize it is poor Bob himself.

Menendez’s friend is also a major donor to many other key Democrats on the Hill. As long as the scandal continues to develop, attention will start to turn on them. At the very least, they’ll likely be forced to return $$ hundreds of thousands that he’d donated.

So, the smart money says here that Bob goes bye-bye, and soon.

Red Staters fancy themselves superb political prognosticators. So, here’s the challenge:


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