So, is Saxby Chambliss retiring because he's afraid that Erick might change his mind and run against him in the primary?

So, Saxby Chambliss is retiring because he has “grown frustrated with the gridlock in DC.” Well, boo-hoo. If anybody believes that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn you can buy, on the cheap.

Nope, ole Saxby probably read the tea leaves, and realized that he was more than likely to get primaried, and faced an uphill challenge for the nomination. But instead of retiring graciously, nope, he’s a whinin’ and a moanin’ and a bitchin’ and a complainin’ about how those gosh darn cantankerous conservatives just won’t let a good ole boy wheel and deal like the good old days.

According to ole Saxby, the Senate can’t pass gas, let alone any legislation. And if he ran again, and won, he’d have to deal with all those conservative riff-raff who have crashed the gates of the “most exclusive club in the word.” You know, folks like Rubio, Cruz, Lee, Scott, Johnson, Fischer, Toomey, Ayotte, Boozeman, Paul, to name a few.

Red State’s very own Erick Erickson first raised the idea of running against ole Saxby, but then decided not to. But the very idea than an upstart would dare to challenge a sitting, senior senator, ole Saxby, well, that didn’t sit well. And others obviously noticed.

Well done, EE,..you showed the world that ole Saxby was vulnerable, and he folded his tent.

And when you leave the Senate, ole Saxby, kindly take the rest of your stupid gang of 6 along with you.

Mitch McConnell, be afraid, be very afraid…and not just of Ashley Judd.