Scott Rasmussen: "Republican Establishment Declares War on GOP Voters"

The link below is to a column by Scott Rasmussen from 1/11/2013. It clearly, and succinctly, states the problem that we conservatives face with the GOP establishment in Washington. It is a must read.


The message is not new; we are all aware of the problem. What is rare, and a pleasant surprise, to see somewhat like Rasmussen clearly define the problem. The parameters of the 2014 election are already being drawn. The race for the WV GOP senate nomination is the first shot.

2014 will most likely determine if the GOP continues to exist as presently constituted. The Republican establishment still does not understand that it is we who have elected them, and they must reflect, and adopt, the policies, laws, and values that we hold dear.

The upcoming debate over the debt ceiling, and the attempt to finally begin to get control over spending, and of the size of the government., is the last chance for Boehner, and McConnell. If they are not successful, 2014 will not matter.