The House MUST demand Regular Order: Understanding the Democrats use of the "deadline" strategy, and how the House must overcome it in the debt ceiling negotiations.

John Boehner has stated that he will no longer negotiate directly with Obama, and that the House must and will return to regular order in considering future legislation. We shall see. Remember, it was just after the GOP took control of the House in 2010, that they adopted the “three day rule,” which mandated that no legislation could be passed by the House until three days AFTER the bill had first been introduced on the House floor. This was to make sure that the public would have sufficient time to understand the legislation ( and, oh yeah, that our representatives would actually have time to read the “damn bill.”)

And then, as Congress attempted to find a fiscal cliff solution, House GOP leadership went back on their word. The Rules Committee voted to suspend the three day rule, and instead, went with the “Pelosi dictat”: They have to pass the bill before we can find out what’s in it.

And we are now just in fact finding out about the billions of pork that somehow managed to work its way into the bill.

This is the Democrats modus operandi. They have used it successfully time and time again. Remember the last debt ceiling debate, when some $600 billion in supposed spending reductions ended up being, at best, a few million?

They pretend to negotiate, but in reality, do not. They “negotiate” in the media, and as the deadline nears, complicit with the MSM, stir up fear in the public and the markets: The sky is falling, something, anything, must be done, a “bad” deal is better than no deal at all.

And they have already gone to the same playbook for the upcoming debt-ceiling debt. Obama fired the first shot when he stated that he would NOT negotiate with Congress; he demands unlimited debt increases; that Congress MUST pay for legislation that “it has already passed.” Thus, any give back from this idiotic position will let the MSM proclaim that Obama has offered a compromise, and it’s the stubborn GOP that is threatening the nation, not to mention widows and orphans, with financial ruin.

Mitch McConnell has stated that the deadline for reaching the debt ceiling is sometime in mid February. We know that is not true, in fact, it is probably months later. Because we can’t print any money money, it doesn’t mean that we won’t pay our bills. But it’s part of the Dem/MSM strategy, to start to spook the public, and Republicans, make them nervous, then stampede them into acting stupidly.

However, a deadline, even an artificial one, is needed to make the public focus on the issue. THE GOP MUST CONTROL THE TIMELINE, THE DEADLINE. This is crucial.

Boehner and McConnell should jointly announce immediately that any legislation MUST be passed by, say, February 10th. This gives Congress and the White House 30 days to come up with a solution. And Boehner should further announce that any bill passed by the Senate MUST be done by January 31st.

This is because Reid will most likely produce a bad bill at the last minute, and it will not match the House bill, and will require amendments and/or a conference committee, before final House passage. This is what regular order means.

The Senate is now blessed with several powerful conservative voices: among them Rubio, Cruz, Lee, Scott (Ron Johnson and Pat Toomey have some fences to mend). McConnell should turn them loose in the Senate. He is not the most effective voice for the conservative viewpoint. They will command the airwaves. They can take the fight to Reid, while Boehner and the House work their will.

Simply put, this is Boehner’s last chance. Failure here is not an option. Like the playoffs, it’s “win or go home time” for the Speaker.