Rules Committee waives the "three day" rule; they forget that's how we got stuck with Obamacare

It’s obvious that Boehner and the GOP House leadership are a) incredibly stupid, b) hung over, and/or c) becoming senile. It’s taken just two years for them to forget absolutely everything about how and why the voters put them in charge in 2010.

The Senate has just passed an abomination of a bill. It is a spending bill, as Rand Paul so eloquently stated. Even without knowing anything about its merits ( or lack of) it should be obvious than ANY legislation that is opposed by BOTH Chuck Grassley AND Tom Harkin should NEVER see the light of day.

When the Pelosi-led Democrats controlled the House, they just barely managed to get Obamacare passed. Nobody knew what was in the bill: Pelosi arrogantly told us that “it needed to be passed before we could find out what was in it.” And that was after she was actually going to try and “deem it passed,” without even voting on it.

Somewhere on this planet, I hope that Bart Stupak is suffering. Every day. His was the sell-out that delivered the votes to pass the bill; and of course, we all know now that Obamacare would never, ever, mean that the government could force abortion on demand on everyone. No, that could never happen.

So to make sure that in the future, Representatives and the American people would have time to “read the damn bill,” When the GOP took control the immediately instituted a “three day rule.” This means that any bill introduced must have a three day waiting period before it can be voted into law.

So what do Boehner, Cantor, and the leadership do now that the Senate has presented them with this neatly gift-wrapped post Christmas gawd-awful piece of legislation?

Why, the Rules Committee votes to suspend the rule. No more three day waiting period. No time for representatives to read it. No regular order. No committee hearings. And now, it may pass with nearly 100% of House Democrats, and possibly 10% of House Republicans voting for it.

Boehner MUST GO. Cantor MUST GO.

It is way past time for them to be gone. There must be a challenge for the Speaker. This cannot stand, it cannot continue.