Hillary Clinton: "No Way Out?"

Some here may remember the 1987 spy thriller “No Way Out.” Kevin Costner play a naval officer, who is actually a deep cover Soviet mole, who gets assigned to the Pentagon, working for the egomaniacle Secretary of Defense (Gene Hackman). Costner meets, has an affair, and falls in love with, a beautiful DC lady about town, (Sean Young) who is actually the unhappy mistress of the SecDef, who in a fit of jealous rage that she is secretly seeing someone else, accidentally kills her. To deflect any possible investigation of the SecDef, the media is told that the mole is suspected of the murder. Costner is charged with running the now-suddenly intensified investigation for the mole. He is thus in fact hunting himself.

A complex, convoluted, not really believable plot. Let’s see, it’s about as credible as blaming a YouTube video for the attack on the Benghazi complex, and the deaths of four Americans. Ya think?

But is it in fact any different, any LESS believable than what is unfolding daily regarding Hillary, the State Department,and the Benghazi attack?

I will not summarize again the events timeline; RS readers are all too familiar with it.

But just consider that Hillary, the SecState, publicly “takes responsibility” for the whole event, then for nearly a month, refuses to speak withe anyone, Congress, the media, (and probably Obama as well) while “the investigation is ongoing.”

Yet she is NEVER questioned during the investigation.

Four underlings are blamed in the report, and are reported to have been forced out; then we find out they really haven’t been. Guess these days, one only falls on one’s sword while wearing a kevlar vest.

Clinton promises to appear before Congress, then cancels because of illness and a concussion from a fall. I suspect that she is is concussed, but not from a fall, rather from repeatedly smacking herself upside the head for being so stupid as to let Obama drag her into this mess.

She will now reportedly testify before Congress “sometime” in the near future. Will she have resigned first? Will she dare to lie to the committees? How bad will her testimony make her appear? Can it torpedo her reported 2016 plans? She is reported now somewhere in the Caribbean with Slick, obviously trying to figure out what she is going to say in her testimony, or possibly even a way to avoid testifying.

Clinton, Costner: both names have 7 letters, begin with “C”, have an “n” and a “t” in the middle.

Costner’s character got in trouble because of his love for a woman. Clinton is in trouble because of her love of power, her lifelong dream of the White House.

Like Costner, Clinton may have “No Way Out.”