First "Hubris", then "Schadenfreude": a recipe for a Happy New Year

According to The Hill, Harry Reid has the 51 votes for the “nuclear option” to change the Senate filibuster rules.


Surprisingly,I find myself encouraged by this development. If anything guarantees that absolutely this time the GOP won’t manage to blow it, that they WILL finally take control of the Senate in 2014, surely this is it.

It’s just too, too perfect. I can’t wait to hear Schumer, Reid, Durbin, among others, complain about how badly Majority leader McConnell is treating them. Maybe Chuckie will even reprise his “the Senate is the saucer that cools the coffee” argument.

Payback’s a bitch, Chuck!

The last time I felt this way was in 1998, when Al Gore forcefully defended Bill Clinton, conveniently overlooking the fact that Slick had both sexually harassed an intern and lied about it under oath.

Had Gore, and the Democratic congressional leadership, done the right thing, and forced Clinton to resign, Gore would have ridden a wave of popular support to an easy election victory in 2000.

And that would have put Gore in the Oval office on 9/11.

Which again goes to prove that there is indeed a God, and that He does have a love of this great country, though we surely do try His patience.

Hope everyone’s Christmas was Merry!

Happy New Year, y’all!!!