Tom Cotton for Speaker of the House

There has been considerable speculation recently as to whether or not John Boehner can remain as Speaker. Breitbart.com has released a report detailing the mechanism for unseating the Speaker:


However, it is unlikely that Boehner can be deposed unless and until someone is willing to step up and openly challenge Boehner for the office.

I would suggest that Arkansas congressman-elect Tom Cotton offer himself as an alternative to Boehner.

Boehner has already, in this writer’s opinion, disqualified himself as a solid conservative by his willingness to cut a deal with Obama, and his removal of conservative GOP congressmen from key committee assignments. But more importantly, Boehner will be the face, and the voice, of the GOP for the next two years. And he is woefully inadequate for that job.

Any conservative who saw his 54 second press conference the other day could only cringe. Simply put, Boehner is incapable, either due to disposition and/or a lack of intellectual ability, to clearly state the conservative case, make the argument for a smaller, limited government, to the American people. He had a perfect opportunity, with the entire media focused on him, to explain what Republicans stand for, and are trying to accomplish in these complex fiscal negotiations. Instead, we got a few tired platitudes, and a semi-facetious “Merry Christmas” and he was fleeing from the microphones, no doubt to grab a smoke once out of sight of the cameras.

By contrast, I would invite you to watch the following two video clips with Tom Cotton. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. You will want to stand up and cheer. The first is an interview with Ginni Thomas:


In the second, Cotton clearly explains why Chuck Hagel is not fit to be Secretary of State:


This, ladies and gentlemen, is leadership personified.

After Jim DeMint announced his resignation, and stated that “I’m not with Boehner,” I posted a diary suggesting that Tim Scott run for Speaker ( this was before Haley had named him to replace DeMint.) It was a perfect opportunity. Tim Scott would be a superb spokesman for the GOP as Speaker, and if he lost, Haley could still name him to DeMint’s seat. Heck, Scott would be even more popular in South Carolina for challenging Boehner.

Tom Cotton’s biography, and his record of military service to our country, is, to put is simply, awesome. He is a leader, a visionary, and one who can compete with Obama in the media spotlight, and clearly convey to Americans the conservative agenda; our vision of governance for this great nation.

He would make a superb Speaker of the House. And were he to lose the election, he would not have to worry about being relegated to dead-end committee assignments; rather, he could immediately begin planning to join Tim Scott in the Senate, as Mark Pryor is exceedingly vulnerable in 2014.

Conservatives, and America, will benefit no matter what the outcome.