The "Chuck-Hagel-free-apology-thread" for anything you did that you feel sorry for ( as along as it was at least 15 years ago)

Chuck Hagel the other day apologized for a supposed “gay slur” he uttered some 15 years ago. Far be it from me to question Chuckie’s motives ( ya think?) but if he suddenly feels the impulse; nay, the compulsion, to apologize publicly for every dumb, stupid, and insipid comment, well, the man won’t be able to shut up until June 23,2015, by my estimate.

In the spirit of the holidays, Red Staters are hereby invited to avail themselves of this thread to publicly apologize for anything they wish. Bonus points and extra credit will be given for apologies for deeds committed and utterances uttered prior to 2000.

I shall go first:

As a college freshman in 1964 I decorated the underside of practically every toilet seat at NYU with an LBJ bumper sticker.