Appalled at the Newtown tragedy? Realize that Israeli parents have lived every day for the past 60 years with fear of the same horror.

There is truly nothing that can be said that can explain the inexplicable, nor comfort those who have suffered the loss of innocent lives. There is nothing worse for a parent than having to bury a child, especially one so young.

As the media shows yet again that it is capable of only focusing on one story at a time (well, maybe, one and a half) we are forced to watch the same clips of Newton over and over, with a dash of “fiscal cliff” stories for a change of pace.

As the Newton story broke, we were reminded of other incidents of pure evil: Columbine and Virginia Tech to name the most obvious. Those members of the MSM who are able to Google recalled for us Beslan, when Chechen terrorists killed 186 children. And some are showing us how the good people of Dunblane, Scotland have coped with their tragedy that took 16 young lives, some 16 years ago, which is eerily reminiscent of Newtown.

As tragic, as horrible as these events are, happily they are very isolated incidents. However, there is one place on this planet, where, for more than 60 years, generation after generation after generation of parents have sent their young children off to school every day, or on an errand to the store, or just outside to play, knowing full well there is a possibility of an attack against their children, and that their child might not come home.

Newton is a random event. In the US, a child is far more likely to die in a school bus related event (school bus involved in a collision, roll-over; or a child being hit by a car while getting on or off the bus) than being shot by a crazed gunman. Should we then ban school buses?

But this is not the case in Israel. Since the country was founded, young Israeli children have been targets of opportunity for Arab terrorists, whether by suicide bombings, AK-47s, RPGs, or missiles launched at schools, kibbutzes, or buses.

The number of young children killed is in the thousands. Just two of the many horrific examples:

During the 2nd Intifada, 123 Israeli children were killed:


And then there was the 1974 Ma’alot massacre, where the number of dead and wounded children was over 100:


Every day when Israelis kiss their children and send them off to school, or to play, they understand what might happen, and yet they go on with their lives.

I don’t know if many American parents could deal with that, nor, more importantly, would they allow it to continue.

Just something to think about when he hear endless calls for Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians, and/or when and if Obama nominates Hagel for Sec. of Defense