Memo to the House GOP caucus, and especially members of the RSC: If and when there's an agreement, just make sure to read the damn bill!

Dear GOP House members: Your fearless leader, John Boehner has taken it upon himself to negotiate one-on-one with Obama. Not quite satisfied with already promising $800 billion more in new revenues ( er..taxes) he’s been busy purging conservative freshman members of key committees, in a heavy-handed attempt to exert dominance over your caucus.

I have no idea what, if any, agreement Boehner will accept. What I do know is that it will be done without advance concurrence of the majority of the GOP House delegation. We may even see the Speaker tweeting in front of the cameras, a 21st century version of the image of PM Chamberlain at the airport, holding a piece of paper in the air and proclaiming “(Fiscal) peace in our time!”

But I would pointedly remind EVERY GOP representative that your caucus adopted rules mandating a THREE DAY waiting period, after a bill is introduced, before it can be voted on. On this can be no deviation, no variation.

We are confronted daily with the calendar ticking down on this process. While fiscal Armageddon is scheduled for Dec 31st, in reality, it is likely than any deal must be reached by next mid-next week, at the latest. This will allow time for the bill to be drafted, language finalized, possibly sent to committees, then brought to the House floor.

I suspect that many representatives, like many of their constituents, will not be happy with the final agreement. But be forewarned that ANY attempt to steamroll this process at the last minute, to shove it through the House in the last few days, will NOT be tolerated.

Need I remind you of the absolutely travesty of then-Speaker Pelosi condescendingly explaining that “they have to pass the bill before we can find out what’s in it.”

Need I remind you further that that is one of the main reasons why she is now former-Speaker Pelosi.

Take careful note, Speaker Boehner. Very careful note.