Walk like an Egyptian! Boehner and the GOP can learn a lot from the non-Islamist Egyptians

Let’s be honest. Right after the Muslim brotherhood captured the Egyptian parliament, I, like most others assumed that the land of the Pharaohs was lost, toast, soon to disappear into the swamp of an Iranian style radical fundamentalism. Due to the stupidity, and/or complicity of the Obama administration, the faint promise of the Arab spring had vanished.

The Muslim brotherhood, after first promising NOT to seek a majority in the parliament, did so. Then for a time, they weren’t going to field a candidate for the presidency, but they did. It’s hard to ignore the opportunity to exercise power, especially when it’s handed to you. They won the elections, fairly easily. And Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood quickly demonstrated that Acton’s timeless maxim operates at breathtaking speed; it took a few weeks for Morsi to attempt to install himself as dictator.

But something funny is happening in Egypt. The people, absent any real history of democracy ( decades of faux one-party elections don’t count) were willing to accept that Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood had won the last, and first really fair election ever in Egypt’s history, but it appears they have woken up and decided that they hadn’t voted for THIS, and by Ra, Isis, Osiris, and any other deity, they’re not going to stand for it.

As I write this diary, the crowds of NIEs ( non-Islamist Egyptians) are demonstrating outside the presidential palace, and have forced Morsi to leave for a safer venue. The erstwhile Pharaoh, having having attempted the ultimate, well “pyramid scheme” to seize power, is now looking for a way out.

I don’t know if the NIEs will be successful. They face a relentless, focused, disciplined, robotic opposition. Sort of reminds you of Democrats. But they’re not caving in, not backing down. They are putting up a fight, a battle, for their core beliefs and principals.

At about the same time that Egypt was attempting to establish a real democracy, the US was undergoing its quadrennial presidential election, our own four year cycle of choosing a leader. The GOP lost, barely, despite the fact that the majority of Americans do not agree with the general direction, and policies of the Obama administration. We do NOT want to be fundamentally transformed.

But our “leaders,” Boehner and his ilk, are in the process of backing down, giving in, caving to the Democrats. Just today we learn that they have already “compromised” on some $800 billion in more revenue..er, spending, and that’s even before any serious negotiations have begun. Just going along, as always…to get along.

I do not expect the GOP to man the barricades. Our elections are peaceful, as is our transitions of power. And the judicial system is the final arbiter of the actions of our elected officials. But I do expect the GOP to fight for what we conservatives believe. Look at the Egyptians, see the pyramids along the Nile……

Otherwise, perhaps, it is time for Boehner to fall on his gavel.