Something to consider: If Allen Drury were writing a novel based on "l'affair Petraeus," someone in the book would commit suicide

Red Staters of a certain age may recall the Washington novels of Allen Drury. Starting with “Advise and Consent” Drury portrayed both the inner workings of the inside the Beltway establishment, as well as the broader themes of the threats to our nation, our freedoms, our way of life both from abroad and at domestically.

The scandal involving Gen Petraeus is unfolding, and expanding, hourly. It is both a personal tragedy, now involving nearly a half-dozen families, with spouses and children now subject to a media frenzy, as well as several high ranking military careers, and may be reaching into the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, State Dept, and the WH itself.

Indeed, it is surprising how relevant his books are today, especially in his depiction of the workings of the US Senate, and the plotting, the scheming, the agendas of several senators.

If Drury were plotting this as a novel, inevitably there would be at least one suicide before the book’s end. The fall from grace, the loss of prestige and power, is often too much a burden to bear.

Pop quiz for those familiar with Drury’s work: Which US Senator most resembles Fred van Ackerman, the slimy, smary, left-wing demagogue?

My take, FWIW: hands down…Harry Reid