Note sure what is means, but this year, not ONE famous person threatened ( promised?) to move to Europe if Obama loses

It may not be as significant as the “Redskin rule,” but it surely must mean something. I just realized that this election, for the first time as far back as I can remember, not one famously liberal person publicly vowed to leave the country if Obama loses.

The left has long been noted for publicly displaying its disconnect from reality, ever since Pauline Kael remarked in 1972 ( and today, were she alive, she’d have Tweeted) that she couldn’t understand how McGovern lost, and sooooo badly, because she “didn’t know a soul who voted for Nixon.” The trend really took off during the Florida recount in 2000, when one could have earned a tidy penny offering one-way tickets ( presumably first class) out of the country, to most of Hollywood.

Most of those who purchased tickets in 2000, yet failed to show up for their flights, presumably validated them in 2004, yet planes again departed empty in most cases. Michael Moore had charted an entire plane for himself. The flight was cancelled when Moore refused the crew’s request to move from first class to the middle of the aircraft ( coach). Something about the plane would be unstable in flight because the center of gravity would be too far forward otherwise.

Former LA Mayor Tom Bradley’s children attempted to cash in on the expected phenomenon in 2008, hoping to run several flights from LAX to Heathrow, but election results made them unnecessary.

But this year, 2012, is really surprising. Given the almost universal usage of Twitter, one would have expected that sufficient glamorous media types to fill the Rose bowl ( well, maybe the Hollywood Bowl) would have incessantly Tweeted their determination to leave the country if America again displayed its innate racism by defeating Obama. After all, London, Paris, Rome, the Greek Isles beckoned.

Oh, wait..Greece is well…not working so well anymore, and the Romans are attempting to emulate the Hellenes once again.

And as for London and Paris, well, perhaps there are just too many Muslims and mosques over there these days for comfort?

Or maybe they sort of knew months ago that Obama was a loser; that’s why not ONE of them donated a dime, a farthing, a pfennig, a zloty, a peseta, heck, a euro, to the Obama campaign