What will the Democrats do with three ( count 'em.... THREE!!! ) former presidents running amok with conflicting agendas?

Whatever one thinks of George Bush, when his term was up he went home to Texas, wrote his book, and has pretty much stayed out of the political limelight. A very classy end to a career of public service.

I was just reading that Jimmy Carter, a few hours before tonight’s presidential debate on foreign affairs begins, has arrived in Jerusalem, and immediately stepped in it with both feet, accusing Bibi of not being serious in wanting a two state solution. As if Obama’s relationship with Israel is NOT going to come up tonight.

But then I realized that in a few months, after Romney’s inauguration, the Democrats are going to be saddled with THREE ex-presidents, all narcissistic and megalomanic to a fault; running around the country, and the planet, attempting to hold onto vestiges of power, and the trappings of influence, and all with totally disparate agendas.

Clinton: Well, we all know that as long as he’s reasonably healthy, we’ll always have Bill. And he will be busy promoting the Clinton restoration, via Hillary’s candidacy.

Obama: He has many options open to him: Community organizing on the beach in Hawaii, trying out for the Senior PGA tour, running Michelle’s campaign for some office.. a senate seat for her in 2016….Kirk’s in Illinois, or perhaps Inouye’s in Hawaii..or, OR, could he possible want to run again in 2016, especially if it’s a close election. And ask yourself, does the earth REALLY need an Obama Global Initiative?

Can Obama and Clinton possibly have anything, any future objective in common? Nope.

Carter will continue to make an ass of himself. It’s just what he does best.

And let’s NOT forget that Hillary, Michelle, and Joe Biden will be gasping for any remaining molecules of oxygen left in the political atmosphere.

The Dems will also have to grapple with easing Pelosi and Reid off the stage,. and into assisted living communities. They really can’t begin to contemplate returning to power with those two as the public faces, the voices, the mouthpieces of the party.

It won’t be pretty.

It will be messy.

It WILL be FUN to watch.