The upcoming Democrat "war on women", or, parceling out the blame for Obama's impending defeat

The day after the election, expect to see a real “war on women” break out in the MSM and the liberal chattering classes. Somebody has to take the blame, to be the fall-guys ( oopsie, my bad…but “fall-girls” doesn’t work, and “fall-persons” sounds like people who like to take weekend drives in New England to watch the leaves change colors.) and it appears that this year it going be be the ladies whose heads fall on the chopping block.

Stephanie Cutter, Jen Psaki, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Susan Rice; time to start updating the resumes and putting out job feelers. And Hillary Clinton may be finished, finally.

Cutter, by saying that Libya, and the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans, is ONLY an issue because Romney/Ryan have raised it, may have hammered the final nail in the Obama campaign coffin. Psaki lacks, dare I say it, “gravitas” and comes across more as a vapid, sorority rush leader than a campaign spokeperson. Wasserman-Schultz…well, need I say more? No need to list every gaffe, and lie she’s committed. But she’s already on the way out the door as DNC chair; she’s hardly ever allowed out to play on-air any more. And the good people of her district may well send her into retirement from Congress.

Susan Rice has vanished, but, as Desi said, “she has a lot of “splaining to do.” And she WILL be hauled before a House committee, and before the election, and it won’t be pretty. It will be impossible for the Administration to have allowed her to appear on FIVE Sunday talk shows, but not before Congress.

Which brings us to Hillary. We are now getting FOUR different stories about the events there. The administration version, the intelligence community version, the state department version, and the truth. Hillary’s hands are dirty. Recall, she stood next to Obama, when the caskets arrived at Dover, and spouted the same now-discredited fictions. She basically has two narratives left:

1. The administration lied to me, and I believed them. (Which means I am too stupid to be president)
2. I lied willingly.

Neither works.