There were TWO big winners in the debate: Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton.

Let’s start with a few basic premises:

1. Hillary Clinton will run for the White House in 2016. ( If you don’t think that’s gospel, then you can stop reading this right now)
2. The 2016 race begins the day after Election Day. It’s now truly a perpetual election cycle. It will either be an open race, or Romney will be seeking a second term.
3. if Obama does win a second term, a continuation of his policies, especially the imposition of a radical regulatory agenda, will leave the economy, and America, in a state that NO Democrat will have a chance at winning in 2016.

In 2004, I attended Rudy Guiliani’s AIPAC speech during the GOP convention in NYC. (This was before he dropped out of the 2006 Senate race against Hillary.) When asked, during a Q&A after his speech ( which was excellent) is there was anything that he and Hillary agreed on, Rudy replied: “Both Hillary and I want George Bush to win a second term.”

Fast forward to today. Hillary, as Secretary of State, has, until Benghazi, kept herself in the headlines the last for year, while avoiding nearly all of Obama’s problems. She announced months ago, that she would not serve in an second Obama administration. She has has remained mostly apolitical, leaving Bill to carry the heavy water for Obama, which he has done.

Curiously, Bill has remained silent on Obama’s implosion in Denver. Why? Well, the master plan for the Clinton restoration is progressing nicely. Bill has done all that was asked of him: fundraising; advocating for Obama (heck, even admitting that HE, the great man himself, couldn’t have fix the economic mess in a mere one term…it couldn’t have been easy for Slick to offer up that one). And of course, the speech at the convention.

But now, Bill can wash his hands of Obama. Barack’s got to stand on his own two feet. Even if Clinton wanted to ride to the rescue, it would so diminish Obama that the cumulative effect would likely be negative.
If the polls continue to trend towards Mitt, and if the next two debates evenly remotely follow the first, then look for the Clintonites to start talking loudly, off the record….Bill did all he could, the loyal party guy, but obviously 2008 was a mistake..the Dems nominated the wrong candidate, and we can start now getting ready for 2016. Yada, yada, yada…

If Romney loses, there is a baker’s dozen of potential candidate’s for the 2016 GOP nomination. The party has a strong field,a deep bench, of fresh, conservative faces ready for the national stage.

But ask yourself, who is there, other than Hillary, on the Democrat side? Joe Biden, Martin O’Malley, Xavier Bacera, Chris van Holland, Deval Patrick, Amy Klobuchar? Good luck with any of those. Indeed, this is probably the greatest political story yet to be written: The Democrat party, dominating a small number of blue states, has become so hard left that it has no candidates who can appeal to the middle of the road.

So the Clintons will sit back for the next 30 days; quiet and invisible, and wait for Obama to lose. Hillary will be busy trying to bury deep any news from Benghazi that implicates her in that disaster.

But this has been a superb week, for both Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton.