"It's all over but the shouting!" Bill Clinton is confident that Obama will LOSE in November.

The Democrat establishment and the MSM are rejoicing at the imminent announcement ( if not already made) that Bill Clinton will nominate Obama, and make the case for his re-election.

Why any Democrat would find this annoucement a source of joy boggles the mind. At the very least, it shows how worried, how desperate, the Obama campaign is; that they are willing to give Bubba the prime-time spotlight, where it’s all but guaranteed that the former president will greatly outshine the current one..( any doubt as to who gets the more, and louder, applause?)

And that’s even before attempting to divine what Clinton will say..even if he submits a draft for the Obama campaign’s approval, does anyone think that Slick Willie will stay on script? Remember the disgusting “ego walk” during the 2000 convention, as Clinton marched up to the podium? Gore was a dim bulb by comparison.

But we need to look beyond the obvious, dig deeply into the substrate, for anything involving the Clintons is never what is appears to be.

Let’s start with the Premise that Hillary is going to run in 2016. This is a given. Even those in the Dem camp who are NOT enamoured of a potential Clintonian restoration know that there is noboby else. The Dems will NOT again nominate a little known entity with no track record. Looking at the current stable of elected Democrat governors and senators, it’s mighty slim pickings:

Maryland Govenor Martin O’Malley has been carrying a lot of water for Obama on the airways, and effectively so, but Maryland’s fiscal problems will rule him out.

Andy Cuomo? Please..NY’s fiscal situation is a mess, and will only deteriorate further the next few years.

Deval Patrick? Not a chance. There is no way the Dems will nominate consecutive blacks for the White House.

There really isn’t nayone else but Hillary.

So then, imagine Bill and Hillary sharing ploting strategy. Does anyone, ( or rather, any rational person) think that should Obama somehow manage to win re-election; after the total mess the country would find itself in 2106, that any Democrat would have a chance of winning? Nope.

Ergo, Obama MUST lose for Hillary to have any chance of winning in 2016. And the Clintons know this.

And they also know that while Clinton’s appearance at the convention will energize the faithful, it won’t do a damn thing to move independent voters…who will decide this election. Indeed, Bubba’s track record of picking winners since he left office hasn’t exactly been stellar.

But this means that Bill Clinton has come to the conclusion that Obama has already lost, that Obama has NO chance of pulling this one out.

Way to go, Bill!!!!