Will ANY House Democrat vote to hold Holder in contempt next week?

After yesterday’s committee vote ( strictly along party lines) to recommend a contempt citation against AG Holder to the full House, and Obama’s last second decision to play the “executive privilege” card; it appears all but certain that the House will vote this coming Wednesday to hold AG Holder in contempt of Congress.

Given that already three Democrat House members have publicly announced that they will NOT attend the Democrat convention in North Carolina, apparently feeling strongly that their re-election prospects directly INCREASE with the INCREASE in their distance from Obama, it is reasonable to speculate that one or more House Democrats may well vote for the motion to hold Holder in contempt.

If the GOP is able to secure a few Democrat votes, then that completely changes the dynamics of the case.
So, who might these brave souls be:

1. One or more of the trio who are skipping the convention?

2. There are at present about 25 House Democrats who have announced their retirement.The vast majority of those have done so because they realized that they have ZERO chance of winning. Many of these, in so called “blue dawg” districts, have effectively lost their seats because of Obama’s policies, his growing unpopularity, and the series of votes that Pelosi has forced them to take over the last few years.

Since they are leaving the House, they will face no party retribution for voting to hold Holder in contempt. And it’s one last, delicious way to exact a meaure of revenge against Pelosi.

There may well be some Dems who are running in November who view a vote to hold Holder in contempt as a chance to convince the voters in their district that they are somehow different from Obama, Pelosi, et al.

Also, since it’s all but conceded that the Dems have ZERO chance of winning the House, it’s reasonable that Pelosi will then retire. The new Dem leadership is unlikely to begin by penalizing members in the caucus for a vote in the last Congress.

So, there’s a distinct possibility that there might well be a few Democrats in the House voting for the contempt resolution. We can only hope. It would be a game changer.

And we can also hope that there lives not one GOP squish who will not support the resolution. Given that 40 or so have already called for Holder’s resignation, it seems incomprehensible that any in the GOP caucus could vote against the resolution.

But hey, these are Republicans…so anything IS possible after all.

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