Why Mitch McConnell is utterly useless, and why it is imperative that DeMint run against him for MAJORITY Leader

I know that Sen DeMint often posts on Red State, so one can assume that his staff regularly peruses this site, so consider this one man’s wish that the good senator sees this, and hopefully gets the message.

Tonight, as is my usual habit, I’m watching “Special Report”. and the opening segment is about the impact of the Wisconsin recall results on the national election picture.

They’re showing clips of Clinton seemingly calling for, and then attempting to walk back, the Bush tax cuts to be temporarily extended. Now remember, this is Clinton saying this.

And then we ‘re treated to a clip, ( at about the 7 minute mark in the show) of that great, distinguished conservative leader ( sarcasm INTENDED) Mitch McConnell, offering the following comment at a presser today:

“It’s pretty obvious that the economy needs the certainty of the extention of the current tax cuts for at least a year..”

That is the direct quote, word for word. ( and I’m hoping that someone might be able to grab it from the FOX NEWS website and attach it  to this diary.)

There is SO MUCH WRONG with this statement that I don’t know where to even start. Indeed, I’m not sure if it’s even worth while bothering to do so.

What it does tell us is that McConnell is utterly and completely worthless. He is the consummate insider, a TRUE RINO.


Next year we are going to control the Senate, with possibly as many as 55 seats. And the new GOP caucus will be far more conservative.

Together with the House, the Senate can advance the conservative agenda to take back this country, and solve the pressing economic issues that we face.

But NOT with a spineless weasel like McConnell in charge.

Scott Walker showed us the truemeaning of political courage these past months, and yesterday he was vindicated. And on the same day. the man who presumes to soon lead the Senate dares to weekly suggest that “the current tax rates need to be extended for at least a year.”


But instead, McConnell’s already conceded half of what the Dems want…that the cuts aren’t permanent, they’re temoprary, and thus exit only at the perpetual whim of the government.


Or, in other words, he’s telling us that it’s really not OIUR money, the C ongress just lets us have the use of it from time to time, sort of lull us into thinking that it’s ours.

I am NOT going to give of my time and treasure this campaign season if the end result  is that we elect a spineless squish as Senate majority leader. We may yet end up with one as president, though I fervently hope not.

So now, comes the tough part. Senator DeMint , with the greatest respect, you have done a superb job for this nation in advancing conservative ideas and our agenda.

But sir, it is not enough, by any means.  I submit that you must announce that you intend to run for the post of majority leader after the election.

And you can win, and quite easily. I’m sure you’re far better at counting the votes that I could be, but my math tells me that you would win. McConnell only has the aura of inevitability because nobody has yet come forward to challenge him.

He has been part of the problem. He has gone along with the spending, and the debt increases. He just doesn’t get it.

Scott Walker stood up, and said no more, it ends here and now. He did it, and he survived the challenge.

It is your time now , Senator DeMint, to do the same. You will win it, you will be hghly successful, ad the nation,and the party, will be far  better for your having done so.

You have eloquently spoken about the need to elect “real, principled conservatives” to the Senate, and you have been very successful in doing so these last several years.

But the hard question MUST be asked, and now. What is the point of doing so if they have ONLY a Mitch McConnell to consider for their leader.

Look again at the statement above, that McConnell made today. Words fail me. But it should be immediately obvious to any principled conservative that McConnell must not be elected as leader.

Senator DeMint, please. We need you.