The Wisconsin Recall and the 2004 NY Yankees

Baseball fans can be divided into two groups, Yankees fans, and the rest fof us, (especially we Red Sox fans) who detest the Yankees and their fans. For the benefit of those who may not be baseball fans,( or have perhaps forgotten the details) a brief explanation  is warranted.

After enjoying a near decade of unparalleled success, winning the World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, the Yankees were en route to anoher championship in 2004. And Yankees fans were, too put it mildly, insufferable. The World Series was their birthright.

In the 2004 ALCS they faced their hated rivals, the Boston Red Sox, and their looooooooooong suffering fans. The Yankees led the series 3-0, after demolishing the Sawx 18-6 in game 3, and were leading 4-3 in the NINTH INNING of game 4, and apparently on their way to a sweep.

Well, after a near decade of misery, the baseball gods finally smiled on the Red Sox Nation. They came back to win game 4, and the next three games, and then swept the Cards to win the World Series.

Anyone who knows a Yankees fan is aware of a curious example of mass amnesia. To the Yankees fan, 2004 never happened. The baseball calendar skipped the entire year..it went from 2003-2005. They have completely erased it from their collective memory.


I DVR’d MSNBC tonight,( and yes,  because I wanted to see if Ed Schultz’s head would explode) but was really, REALLY amazed by what I saw on Larry O’Donnell’s show.

OK..O’Donnell is nuts, that’s a given. But tonight he was somewhere waaay beyond the  outer rings of Saturn. Just as his show began, at 10PM EST, NBC news called the election for Scott Walker.

So how did Larry boy begin his show? Well, in the one minute opening teaser, he told us that the BIG WINNER in Wisconsin tonight was….wait for it….”Barack Obama!”

Seems that Larry Bor was more impressed by the fact that exit polls said that Wisconsin voters preferred Obama over Romney by a margin of 53-39. Therefore, Wisconsin is NOT in play this November, no need to worry, so relax.

Larry Boy failed to remark that these same exit polls also showed that the race was supposedly very, very, close… ( shades of Kerry 2004)

The point here in all this, if it’s not already apparent, is that the Dems are in BIG TROUBLE. They’re in the first stage of grief…DENIAL, and they have absolutely NO chance ( and NO time) of turning things around, if they are unable to first admit that they just got their asses whupped BIG TIME.

If, IF they were all singing from the same hymnal, they might,just might,  have a chance, but with the Big Kahuna, Slick Willie, doing all he can to undercut Obama ( and thus lay the groundwork for Hillary2016!) Obama hasn’t a prayer.

But happily, America has!