The absolutely AMAZING, ASTONISHING, and, curiously refreshing NEW MATH of the Wissonsin recall election

Yes, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics, but this is just too, too good. Coincidence? Heh..you be the judge

Walker’s margin of victory over Barrett in 2010:       125,00

Walker’s margin of victory over Barrett in 2012:       172,000

INCREASE in Walker’s margin of victory:      +47,000    


DECLINE in Wisconsin AFSCME membership

since Walker’s reforms were passed:                              35,000

DECLINE in WEAC ( Wisconsin teacher’s union

membership since Walker’s reforms passed:                 9,500**    

**Note: WEAC will not release data on the number of teachers who are no longer members of the union. Indeed, on the WEAC website, there is NO mention of the recall election, or that Walker won easily.However, it seems reasonable to assume that the same percentage of WEAC members would opt out as did those belonging to AFSCME ( 55%) Thus, we arrive at the 9,500 number of lost WEAC numbers. Indeed, WEAC has already laid off 40%+ of its own staffers.

TOTAL DECLINE IN WISCONSIN GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES UNION MEMBERSHIP:                                                           (44, 500)

Hmmm..let’s see now..DECLINE in government union membership, (44,500), INCREASE in Walker’s margin of victory, 47,000

Ya think?????