Dem WV governor will NOT endorse Obama ( and the resulting BIG trouble for Joe Manchin)

There are many who have said that Earl Tomblin, the Dem governor of WV, isn’t the brightest bulb in the room. However, the man can count, f’sure.

Today’s announcement that he won’t endorse Obama for re-election ( will he endorse Mitt) should come as no surprise. Obama has all but declared open warfare on the WV economy, as has been discussed at RS often.

McCain beat Obama in WV in 2008, and Obama has ZERO chance of carrying the state this fall. He could well lose it by 25%+. However, this November, both the governor and Sen Manchin will also be on the ballot.

And for either, or both of them to win..well, the Dem base in WV will have to show it is capable of ticket-splitting on a massive scale. And considering that straight-ticket voting has long been a staple in WV, it’s quite possible that the GOP could sweep the state wide races.

The governor should be a goner. This announcement, and so early in the campaign, smacks of desperation..some of his internal polls must be awful. Manchin might sneak by..( but he will have likely also have to refuse to endorsse Obama) but if elected, will he cross the aisle? Let’s face it…he’s not going to feel very comfortable in the  next senate Dem caucus…

And maybe, just maybe, the good people of WV will decide to toss out that corrupt POS Nick Rahall. He had a close race last time..this time he could well lose.

And what does this mean for Jay Rockefeller. Well, it just about guarantees that he’ll retire, and NOT run in 2014. Shelly Moore Capito can start ordering the furniture for her Senate office.

The real question is, will Jay stick around until 2014, or retire early. It won’t be fun serving in the minority, and let’s face it..the Dem caucus will be a zoo. The first act will be the steel cage match between Durbin and Schumer to replace Reid.

Wonder if Byrd is rolling over in his, well…”sheets?”