If you think the GOP WH primary has been, well, weird..take a look at the Florida senate primary ( or, is Connie Mack a mini-Mitt?)

This will not be the usual Red State diary, in that I have an idea to advance, a cause to promote, and/or an ax to grind. Rather, I am really, REALLY confused, and hope that others might have some idea of JUST WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

 Mitt’s all but the nominee, though still distrusted by most conservatives, and according to most polls, is favored by LESS than half of GOP likely voters.

Here in Florida, it appeared that since 2010, things were really starting to go our way. The state was turning red. We elected Scott as governor, and most amazingly, the Tea Party pulled off a tremendous upset in putting Marco Rubio in the Senate.

In the process, we sent RINO Charlie Crist off to a second career as spokesman for a law firm of ambulance chasers, as well as swamping the Democrat candidate in the  general election. The day after election day, we were all salivating at the idea of 2012. We couldn’t wait.

We were going to send Obama packing, and get rid of tired, old Bill Nelson, and in the process take back the Senate, ( and probably send Reid back to Searchlight).

We were excited about finding, and electing, another Rubio.

In the race for the WH, we’ve gone through, in no particular order, Bachmann, Johnson, Roemer, Pawlenty, Cain, Santorum, Huntsman, Perry, to pretty much arrive at Mitt (with Newt and Paul still sort of hanging around)

Did I forget anybody?

If you think THAT’S confusing, now consider what’s happening here in the Sunshine State:

Most sports fans are familar with the so-call Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Basically, it means that an individual, or a team, that gets the cover at the start of the season, usually ends up imploding.

We just may have to start talking about the RED STATE jinx. Rick Perry didn’t live up to the hype, and his co-star at the Red State gathering last fall, Adam Hasner, couldn’t even get the campaign bus started. ( Happily, he’s now running for a House seat, and we all wish him well. He’s a true conservative, and a good guy.

So here’s the state of the Florida primary to date: (I think this is pretty accurate, but who knows?)

Current running:

Fisher, LeMiuex, Mack, McCallister, McNeil, Stuart

Dropped out:

George, Haridopulos, Hasner, Miller

Could still jump into the race: (Thinking about it HARD)

Atwater, Baker, Carroll, Lee, McBride, Ruddy, Webster

Declined to run: ( But one or more might yet jump in if begged to do so, and promised tons of $$$)

Bense, Buchanan, Bush, Loeb, Rooney, West

Casey Stengel once plaintively asked, of his first Mets team (Can’t ANYONE here play this game?)

We might well ask the same of whoever, or whatever, heads up the GOP statewide in Florida.

Guys ( and girls) we have a golden chance to pick up a Senate seat. Obama will NOT carry Florida, and if we can find a decent senate candidate, and get behind that person, we can send the second Nelson home from the Senate this year.

Note: I see that Craig James has entered the GOP race in Texas. Perhaps the Florida GOP was hoping to entice Warren Sapp to run, (up until he declared bankruptcy last week. Oops!)

Connie Mack was a somewhat late entry, took the lead, and sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the room.  Probably because of his last name.But he’s stuck in the 40% range in the polls, and can’t seem to raise the big $$. OTOH, he was just recently the subject of several hit pieces ( er… news stories) in the Tampa Bay Times ( , for those of you unawares, the liberal rag formerly known as the St. Pete Times)

Right now, Mack is looking like a mini-Mitt. And we could be on the way to blowing a golden opportunity.

Anyone have a clue?

Sunshine State Sarah, where are you???