The one VP choice that will begin to convince conservatives that Romney can be trusted: Jim DeMint

Mitt Romney has all but wrapped up the GOP nomination. He can take some comfort from recent polls that show him leading Obama. However, he should be rather disconcerted by the polls that show that he is the preferred candidate of only 40% or so of GOP voters. He has a long way to go to begin to win back their trust and confidence.

Mitt was, and is NOT my preferred candidate, but it is absolutely necessary that we defeat Obama this fall; if for no other reason than the next president will get to appoint from 1-3 justices to the Supreme Court.

The reasons why conservatives have long distrusted Romney have been  documented, and debated extensively on Red State. I need not reiterate them yet again.

But if Romney is to reach out to his base, to show them that he has changed, that he will keep his campaign promises, then he needs to make the first step, with a big bold, decisive VP pick. There are several good options, but there is really only one name that in an instant would show conservatives that Mitt will keep his word.

Jim DeMint.

Again, I will not relate all of DeMint’s accomplishments in growing the conservative movement within the GOP and the country. They are well known.

But there are additional reasons whyDeMint would be the right man for the VP slot.

DeMint, has, in several interviews over the last year, indicated that this will likely be his last term in the Senate. He is not going to challenge McConnell for the leadership. Thus, DeMint, like Cheney, has no future political ambition of his own, which will enable him to be a highly effective VP. Would that he turn out to be as good in the job as Cheney was…America should be so fortunate.

The Senate will not suffer greatly from DeMint’s leaving for the VP slot. Nikki Haley will appoint another solid conservative…indeed, South Carolina’s congressional delegation has several very attractive candidates. Personally, Tim Scott would be my choice.

And as we all know, DeMint supported Romney in 2008, so there is already some history between the two men. And a Biden/DeMint debate would be enjoyable.

So go ahead Mitt. Announce that DeMint is your man. You issues with the conservative base would disappear in a second, and enthusiam, and support, for your candidacy would soar. DeMint would do for you what Palin for for McCain.