Chuckie Schumer signals that he knows that SCOTUS will vote to overturn Obamacare

Friday afternoon, I posted a diary ( the link to which  appears at the end of this one) wondering if Kagan would break with centuries of tradition, and leak to the WH the result of the justices’ vote on the Obamacare debate, before it is announced in JUne.

I felt sure that she would do so. I also felt that other key Dems would of course  soon learn of the outcome. I believe that by their behavior, body language, and comments, we could soon devine what the decision will be.

I also predicted that Chuckie Schumer would the the Dem most likely to give it away.

Would that I could instead pick the winning LOTTO numbers, but I was spot on in picking Schumer as the one most likely to give it away.

Any doubts, just watch his appearance on Meet The Press today. When asked about the pendign Obamacare decision, Schumer appeared tired, beaten..just going through the motions of complaining about the “evil” Republicans, mouthing ad nauseum the same old tired leftie canards. Anyone who knows Schumer, even remotely, just by his plethora of appearances in front of a camera, any camera, could easily tell that his heart wasn’t in it, because there’s no point in beating the proverbial dead horse.

Kagan’s spilled the beans. She’s  informed the  WH of the vote. And I suspect that Chief Justice Roberts is going to make life really, REALLY miserable for the Dems. He full well knows that even if he is on the SC for decades to come, his success of hiscourt, his legacy, will be determined by this decision.

And he doesn’t want another 5-4, a la Bush v. Gore.

I suspect that Roberts will somehow manage to persuade one of the assume leftie 4…most likely Breyer, to make it a 6-3 decision.

And Chuckie Schumer’s life is about to get a whole lot worse. GOP control of the WH, the House, AND the Senate, and all Schumer can look forward to next year is a battle with Dick Durbin in the Senate Dem caucus over who will be the next minority leader.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…..