Smile, don't grimace, when you fill up your car. Think of it as a weekly contribution to defeat Obama.

As I write this, I have no idea who will be the GOP nominee. Indeed, my home, Tampa, may well be the center of the universe in a few months, if indeed we end up with a brokered convention.

And as the GOP is  again attempting to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,”  we could see Obama re-elected.

Except for…….the price of gas.

National polls are worthless. This election will be decided in the key battleground states, some 10-13 in number. And for the GOP nominee to win, we will need to capture the votes of independents and disaffected Democrats in these battleground states.

As the price of gas surges past $4.00, and some projections have it hitting $5.00 across the country by summer, this will be the deciding issue for a great many voters.

During the Bush presidency, when gas prices passed $4.00, every day the Democrats, and the MSM, beat the drums that this was all “Bush’s fault.”

Now they’re trying to ignore it, or spin it..it’s due to the Middle East, or the Japanese earthquake, or whatever…anything to try and deflect it from Obama.

It won’t work.

It’s a visceral issue. You gas up your car once, or twice, a week, and your jaw drops at the total on the pump. And it’s gonna get worse, not better.

And the voters aren’t stupid…they WILL make the connection. And even the GOP won’t be able to screw it up. The GOP campaign needs to point out the Republicans have a plane to lower gas prices, create jobs, and help to end our dependency on foreign oil.

So, each week, for the next few months, as you fill up you car, view the extra $20-40 it’s costing you as a contribution to help defeat Obama. And console youself with the thought that all of Obama’s supporters are paying the same freight.

And, oh yeah…each week, don’t forget to make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Otherwise you migh be accused of being, well..partisan.