NO way Mitt wins FL: the base that picked Rubio over Crist won't pick Mitt over Newt

Ignore all those polls that show  Mittens rising, and Newt dropping, and all this supposedly within a few days, and all just because the audience wasn’t allowed to applaud wildly at the NBC debate Monday night? 

You’ve got to be kidding.

Newt wins Florida comfortably, by 10 pts, and possible more if Santorum withdraws.

Can I remind all the pundits that it was not too long ago that the GOP base decisively turned their backs on a squishy Republican, Charlie Crist, who thought he’d have a cakewalk to the nomination, and instead went for a conservative, Marco Rubio, so much so that Crist flip-flopped and ran as an independent, and still lost, BIG.

Yes, Newt has some baggage, and Santorum has run a commendable campaign, and is still garnering support, but there is NO WAY in an orange grove that the same base that went wild for Rubio a little while back is suddenly going to embrace Mitt.

Ain’t gonna happen.

I was an early supporter of Rubio, shortly after he announced his candidacy. Living in Tampa, I noticed early on that Rubio bumper stickers  outnumbered Crist’s by more than 10-1.

A very good sign.

I can tell you that I can count on the fingers of ONE hand the number of bumper stickers/yard signs that I’ve seen for Mitt. And if you can’t get your people to at least display your name, well..your “support” is very thin, at best.

Best organized here in the bay area are the Paul folks. Signs everywhere, and they are out at major intersections. Gotta love their passion and committment.

But I’ve seen way more for Newt and Santorum…heck, I’ve seen more PERRY bumper stickers than I’ve seen for Mittens.

In a nutshell..Romney loses….and his campaign won’t recover.