Did NBC somehow forget to tell MSNBC that they were having a debate tonight?

I’m watching the GOP debate as I type this, and was suddenly struck by the fact that MSNBC, the self-proclaimed “place for politics” is absent.

Indeed during the first break, I switched over to MSNBC,a nd here’s Rachel Maddow, ostensibly the biggest star in t hat miniscule firmament..talkign about the Patriots win over the Ravens.

Whassup with that?

Did MSNBC perhaps lean “too far forward?” Or did the presumptive adults at NBC..with the new Comcast bosses laying down the law..decide to exclude the MSNBC/Politico hacks from the debate arena.. No pre debate show…will there be a post debate spin room? will Chris Matthews get a chance to salivate and go off on the GOP candidates?

Will the Ed show originate from Disney World to cover the debate?

Just wondering..but  I’m sure they are many here at RS who can opine as to what goes on, and what’s going on tonight.

MSNBC gets frozen out of the debate by the parent network, NBC. Who ever whould have thunk it?