Perry should announce his withdrawal, and support of Newt, AT THE START OF THE DEBATE TOMORROW NIGHT

Think about it. Just let your mind contemplate it. It would be without a doubt one of the single greates political moments in American history.

Erick  has posted today, in a thoughtful and well reasoned piece,  the reasons why Gov. Perry should withdraw from the race, and endorse Newt.  I agree. I have supported Perry from the day he announced his candidacy. But, for a myriad of reasons, which will be the subject of lengthy post-mortems, his candidacy did not catch fire.

It is now time for Perry to withdraw from the race, especially so after his excellent performance at Monday night’s debate.  It makes one think..”if only..”

But I would disagree with Erick in one respect. He suggests that it is imperative that Perry withdraw before tomorrow night’s debate.


Instead, Perry should do something that is as big, brash, and bold as the Governor’s persona, and the great state of Texas that he so ably leads…announce AT THE START OF THE DEBATE that he is dropping out, and endorsing Newt.

We’ve just seen the  carefully choreographed departure of Huntsman, and his pretentious lecture to the other candidates about the need to be “nice,” and the immediate endorsement of Romney, only a few days after Huntsman had been savaging him in NH.

Well, Gov. Perry..show them how politics is played in Texas. Time to go “all in”

Tomorrow night, after the candidates appear on the stage, and just as Blitzer starts to explain the rules, Governor Perry should interrupt, announce that he has something very important to say before the debate starts, thank his supporters, and say that he has decided tgo withdraw from the race, and endorse Newt for the nomination.

I’m condensing it here, you all can write the words in your own minds.

But again, THINK ABOUT IT.

The audience for the debate tomorrow will be huge, likely the biggest ever. Perry finishes his comments, shakes hands with each of the others on stage, Newt last..gives him a Texas bearhug, waves, and walks off the stage to sit down front in the audience next to his wife.

Amazing moment. One for the ages.

It will propel Newt to a BIG win in SC, and boost his standing in the national polls. More importantly, much more so, the pressure on Santorum to follow Perry’s example will be enormous. And nobody will focus on anything that Mitt or Paul have to say that night.

And even if Santorum doesn’t  withdraw, his numbers will erode overnight.  He’ll likely have to drop out before Florida.

And Newt v. Perry.. ( Paul will stay in and get his 10%) well..Mitt’s a goner.

Gov. Perry, your entry into the race was dramatic, last minute, and all but overshadowed the Iowa straw poll.  You can really “go out with a bang” and shape the race, and help Newt to win the nomination.

And it will be absolutely amazing..one for the ages.