Red State :Prophet of the Year" Contest: see if you can predict the events of 2012

Some may recall National Review‘s “Prophet of the Year” contest. I thought it would interesting, and fun, to see what Red Staters think about what’s going to happen in 2012.

There are 25 questions…all TRUE or FALSE. We’ll store the responses, tote them up at the end of the year, and announce the results. Maybe we can get Erick to contribute a prize for the winner.

Obviously, the contest closes before kick-off time next  Monday night.

For ease in tabulating, kindly submit your answers in the following manner:

1 T, 2F, 3F, ……


1. Alabama beats LSU for the BCS championship

2. Other than the current 6 GOP nominees, at least one more will announce a run for the nomnation

3. Eric Holder will still be Atty General at year’s end.

4. Michelle Obama is pregnant

5. During 2012, there will be at least one terrorist attack on US soil that results in civilian fatalities.

6. Miami Heat wins the NBA championship

7. At any time  during 2012, the price of a regular gallon of gasoline exceeds $4.00/gallon anywheres in the  US. ( Alaska and Hawaii excluded)

8. At least one of the following will die during 2012: Frank Lautenberg, Prince Phillip, Nancy Reagan, Jerry Sandusky

9. Hillary Clinton will replace Joe Biden on the Dem ticket

10. Gov. Scott WSalker will be recalled

11.  The Yankees will win the World Series.

12. The GOP nominee will not be decided until the convention in Tampa.

13. There will eb a terrorist attack in London during the 2012 Olympics that results in at least one civilian fatality

14. Meryl Streep wins the Oscar for her portrayal of Lady Thatcher.

15. At any time during 2012, the DJIA closes below 10,000.

16. New England Patriots win the Super Bowl

17. Kate Middleton has a girl ( careful: semi-tricky question)

18.  Either Greece or Portugal formally default during 2012.

19. The missing $1.2 billion from Corizine’s MF Global is accounted for..IOW..we find out where it all went..who got it

20. Israel launches an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

21. Marco Rubio is the GOP VP nominee,

22. Obama is re-elected.

23. Harry Reid is the minority leader in the next Congress.

24. Nancy Pelosi does not seek re-election as Minority leader, and retires

25. Over 2000 Iraqis will die in terrorist attacks during 2012.

TIE BREAKER: The DJIA will close at __?___ on 12/31/2012.

The number closest, either over or under, will win.

Good luck to all..