Hey, Mr. "4th greatest President ever"..let's see how you stack up against another Democrat icon...JFK

Like many here, I was amazed at the blatant narcissism of Obama, when he recently described himself as perhaps the “fourth most successful administration ever ( in recent history..though one could hardly describe Lincoln as “recent”.)

And yes, it’s too easy to just ignore it as yet another insipid comment, but I was struck by the fact that while he included FDR and LBJ in his pantheon of successes, he omitted the one president who, for the majority of Democrats who are baby boomers, has until recently been considered the ideal. I speak of course of JFK and Camelot.

And what of course stands out is that Obama’s and JFK’s administrations are now just about exactly the same length. So a comparison begs itself.  And perhaps Obama’s fortunate that Chris Matthews is on vacation this week, given that his book on JFK has just been published. Chrissie would not be pleased.

For about 30 seconds I considered penning a serious piece comparing  Obama and JFK. ( I must admit, Moe Lane’s thoughtful pieces can inspire one to do research.)

But then I decided..NAH!!!!..knocking Obama ain’t worth the effort, and besides, I have Christmas presents to wrap. so I thought instead we’d just take a quick trip down memory lane, and see what pops up.

JFK                                                                    BHO

New Frontier                                                Hope and Change

Sent the USA to the moon                      Ended NASA’s exploration, but

                                                                           NASA is now “muslim friendly”

Took Jackie to Paris                                  Michelle planed a WH garden

“Ich bin ein Berliner”                                 Went to Cairo, and look at the

                                                                            mess in the Middle East

Forced Kruschev to back down            Has thrown away the American

  and remove the missiles                         victory in Iraq.

Pushed through a huge tax cut             Has raised taxes since day one

Economy boomed                                      Economy is tanking

Recognized the threat of                          Ignores the threat of radical

   communism                                                     Islam

I could go on, and on, and on..you get the idea..and feel free to add your own examples. But the fact the JFK is now all but  ignored by the Democrats, the same party that for three decades after his death worshipped him, shows the extent to which the current day Democrat party has all but abandoned what were once its core values, and instead morphed into a relentless advocacy of a socialist, one world vision of America.

All I can say, Barack, is that I knew of JFK, and believe me, you ain’t no JFK, and oh yeah, BTW..Michelle sure ain’t no Jackie.