What I learned from the debate: Diane Sawyer is probably the most annoying person in America. ( And oh yeah..Mitt lost..BIG TIME!)

“My Week  With Marilyn,”  the just released film, purports to document the interaction between Marilyn Monrow and Sir Laurence Olivier, while the two were filming “The Prince and the Showgirl.”

Forget the Trump debate.  Last night , ABC showed us what it might look like were Marilyn Monroe to host a GOP debate. As I tuned in, I realized that it’s probably been at least a decade since I’d seen or heard Diane Sawyer for more than 30 seconds.  And it took me a minute more to give thanks for that decade of blessed unawareness.

Oh that voice. How does she survive on a morning show?  It puts people to sleep, sets them to yawning in unison. That faux saccharine sweetness ( is that an oxymoron?), the bobbing blonde bottlehead, the s – l – o – w speech rate.  Gawd.

ABC, it’s enough to make me long for Christianne Amanpour.

Now to the debate. A few quick takes.

All the candidates did well EXCEPT Mitt.  He was really off his game ( aside from the $10,000 blunder bet) he looked nervous, knowing that his chances for the nomination have all but slipped away. Sort of like the general manager of the St’ Louis Cardinals, all but knowing that Albert Pujols was gone, but just waiting for the official announcement.

Sawyer’s opening question was sheer stupidity. “Tell us, each of you, what one thing you’d do immediately to create jobs, tell us how many you’d create..we want a real number, and tell us how long it will take you to do it.”

And here Newt dissappointed.  I was waiting for him to look at her and at least say “Are YOU kidding me? And you want all this in 60 seconds?” But for some reason ( chivalry?) he chose not to swat the teed-up softball out of the park.

The exchange between Newt and Mitt about Newt’s Palestinian comments was the most telling segment.  We saw Mitt attempt, and fail, to get on every possible side of the question. And his comments made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Game, set, and match to Mr. Speaker.

Anyone else notice all the topics that weren’t covered. Iran, the European financial crisis, Fast and Furious, Corzine….just to name a few.

Fearless prediction. Unless Ron Paul really steps in it,  in the upcoming FOX debate, he will finish second in Iowa.  Mitt will end up a fading third, and carry that negative momentum to a near loss in New Hampshire. He’s dead, Jim.