Memo to Rand Paul: Time to take the cars keys away from your father

Ron Paul will NOT be the Republican nominee.

Ron Paul will, however, be in this race until the very end. He has a solid core of support, some 5-10%, depending on which state you poll, and is well financed.

Ron Paul is far beyond just being the crazy old uncle that nobody wants to get stuck next to at the Thanksgiving table.

Paul’s view of libertarianism is, in its own way, as twisted as what the radical Muslim terrorists have done to Islam.  They want to kill us all; Paul wants us to “love them” into leaving us alone. 

He needs to be reminded that our forefathers fought a long, and bloody Revolution to defeat the British, and that the Framers did not believe that the Constitution should be a suicide pact.

Newt’s put-down of Paul’s bizarre attempt at making a Timothy McVeigh-like analogy was brilliant, ( and shows why just about everyone on the right really wants to see Newt debate Obama), nut later on in the debate, Paul was back at it, almost appearing to sob and break down as he pleaded for us to just leave the Iranians alone, and they’ll leave us alone.

He went on to say that they don’t want to kill us over here, they’re only doing so because we’re occupying their lands. Really?

In all the debates to date, the candidates have done a good job on focusing theirattacks on Obama, and not on each other. For the most part, that’s a good idea.

But very soon, as the GOP field thins down, to 4-5 standing, Paul will be one of them, and he will gain a disproportionate amount of airtime for his crazy views.

Paul, to his credit, has long been correct in his views aout what’s wrong with this country’s economic and fiscal policy especially as pertains to the Fed. This has been the nexus of his support.

But it’s time for many of his supporters to take a long look in the mirror and realize that their idol has totally gone off the rails.

Paul has a small base of support within the GOP, but as far as attracting independents, no chance on God’s green earth.

The GOP field needs to turn their guns on Paul, and make it crystal clear that his view of national security is totally outside the prism of the Repblican party.

It was only because the questions last night were posed by members of Heritage and AEI that we were spared another planted question about “should America torture”  prisoners. Be assured, the MSM is waiting to pop this one again, in fothcoming debates, and give Paul a chance rant, and throw the other candidates off their game.

There is one saving grace this Thanksgiving season. I believe Paul when he says that he will not consider any third party run for the WH. But not for the stated reasons. His son Rand, has a future in the GOP, and that future would be over were Ron to try an independent candidacy.

It’s interesting that Rand has distanced himself from his father’s campaign,and his dad’s positions.  This has to be difficult for him. The GOP, his party, will soon have to turn on his dad. No one can enjoy contemplating witnessing that.

Unless Rand, you can do something about your dad.  What, if anything, I’m not sure.  But you know him better than anyone else.