A plea to supercommittee Republicans. Just quit. Go home..NO LAST MINUTE DEALS

Please, PLEASE, I’m begging you six guys. Just quit. Go home to your families for Thanksgiving. Eat and drink too much. Watch some football.  Just please stop negotiating.

The whole idea of the supercommittee was a joke, if not unconstitutional. But it was also doomed from the start, because the Democrats weren’t going to negotiate in good faith, let alone give an inch.

You’re going to screw it up, concede something to the Dems, and make a lousy deal, and there will be no time to score it,  let alone debate it…

NOTHING GOOD CAN COME FROM A LAST MINUTE DEAL. Haven’t you learned anything from the recent past? The budget deals, the debt ceiling debate…Obamacare….all last minute cram downs, and all BAD for the country..

So please…give it up..quit while we’re still ahead..

We will fight this battle over the coming year, and decide it next November.