"Geronimo, Geronimo, for God and country"..That's OK?...but FDR's D-Day prayer isn't

Last night, watching National Geographic’s decent documentary, “The Last Days of Bin Ladin,” I was reminded of the  stirring message sent by the SEAL who took down Osama:

“Geronimo, Geronimo, for God and country!”

To make sure that the raid results would be disseminated as quickly and accurately as possible. the SEALS had adopted a quick radio code, wherein the use of a word beginning wih the letter “G” would be posititve confirmation that OBL was dead.

We are thankful that that nameless hero possessed a sense of the dramatic, preferring his homage to the legendary cry of US paratroops in WW II, as they jumped, to the mundane “Golf”, or heaven help us, “George.”

It’s probably fortuitous that the list of phonetic codes didn’t have to be submitted to the White House in advance; otherwise, no doubt, it would have been scrubbed as being politically incorrect. After all, “Redskins, Redmen, and Fighting Sioux” are now all in the dustbin of nicknames.

And our nameless hero also had the sense of the dramatic to add “For God and Country” to his message…four words that have stirred the hearts and souls of the military for centuries.

So a reference to “God” is OK here, but to add FDR’ s stirring D-Day prayer to his memorial…that’s a no-no, on the theory that including the prayer would somehow “dilute” the memorial’s central message?

The world has indeed turned upside-down, inside out. The inmates are running the asylum. The secular left is attempting to remove any iota of faith, of God, from our national identity and consciousness.

They will fail. Indeed, actions like this will accelerate their defeat.

But it is curious that FDR, the president whom every Democrat invokes..indeed the Dems want to institute the return of “really BIG government,” to reprise the New Deal, as their way of fixing the nation’s economic woes…have moved so far to the left, so embraced their ideology of total antagonism to anything that even mentions a Divine Being, that they are forced to tie themselves in rhetorical knots to justify stripping FDR of  any proximity to the idea that God plays a prominent role in our nation’s life.

When Bush v. Gore was finally decided by the Supreme Court, I blogged, in probably a poor attempt at humor,  that for me, the decision was proof positive of four things:

1. There IS indeed a God.

2. He has a great love for this country.

3. He might even be a Republican

4. He has a sense of humor.

“Geronimo, Geronimo!!!” You better believe it!  ABSOLUTELY!!