Beware the upcoming Supercommittee turkey: the deadline isn't Nov 23rd, it's more like this Wednesday, Nov 9th.

The  deficit reduction Supercommittee is charged with reporting to Congress by Nov 23rd, and the Congress must vote on the plan, up or down, no later than Dec 23rd. Given that the two sides are deadlocked, it is likely that no agreement will be reached, or if one does occur, it will be at the last minute, after several all night committee sessions.

And if this happens, we conservatives, and the country, are going to get screwed again.

If a deal somehow occurs, it’s likely to get cobbled together at the last minute, and it will be announced even before the text is released, as the sleep-deprived staffers will be cutting and pasting text to the very end.

And that will leave no time for the CBO to score the proposal. It would probably take them at least TWO weeks, if not far more,  to do a thorough job.  Here’s why.

Remember all the last minute deals when Obamacare was barely forced through the Congress?  The CBO was “forced” by law to accept the outright lies and false assumptions in the bill mandated by the Dems, as they then controlled BOTH the House and the  Senate. Obamacare, the CBO told us, did indeed “save” hundreds of billions, as long as we were willing to believe that 2+2=5. And we all know how that turned out.

Because the GOP controls the House, the CBO will have to achieve consensus with BOTH the House and the Senate on exactly just how to score the bill. AND THAT MAY WELL TURN OUT TO BE HARDER THAN PUTTING THE BILL TOGETHER.

So, right now, if, IF the supercommittee manages to produce a bill, it will be at the last minute. And then we won’t find out what’s in it, what it means, how it works, what’s the cost, the price tag, for several weeks, if that. Again, look at the Obamacare bill. MONTHs after passage, we’re still finding more jackpots, more surprises, more problems with the bill. And we’re supposed to try and fix our near insurmountable debt and spending problem in the same manner.

 Remember the  other”great” deals the House GOP has given us of late? The hundreds of billions in spending cuts that turned out to be a few million?  Oopsie! Does anyone doubt that whatever spending cuts the committee manages to come up with, they’ll all be in the “out” years, while “revenue enhancements” will start enhancing  the Treasury immediately?

 Whatever bill the committee produces, it will be a turkey” And our representatives will have NO time to read, analyze, understand what’s in the bill.

I was opposed to the ideas of the supercommittee from day one. I think it’s , well..”unconstitutional” for Congress to operate in this manner. It is NOT the way the Founders intended the legislative process to work.

One of the great joys of the Thanksgiving holiday are leftovers.  A sliced turkey, stuffing, and gravy sandwich 3-4 days after, while watching a football game, well..there’s not much that compares.

But mark my words, conservatives, and the country are going to get very sick, and rapidly so, from the “turkey” that the supercommitte is about to lay before us.