It's obvious: Biden leaked the story about Cain ( to keep Hillary OFF the ticket)

DC is all atwitter today about the supposed revelations concerning Herman Cain.  Considerable  hot air is being devoted to assessing  the impact of this news on Cain’s soaring candidacy, but, not surprisingly, there’s far more inside-the Beltway speculation as to who was the source of the leak to Politico…who tipped them to the story?

Obviously, the MSM is trying to point the finger(s) at Mitt and/or Perry, hoping to cause intramural strife inside the GOP.  But that makes NO sense, for multiple reasons.

The most important thing to consider is the timing of this leak, about three weeks ago  ( Politico has been working on the story for several weeks. ) Early in October, Cain’s candidacy had yet to really take off, so there was no reason for either Perry or Mitt to thne “release the hounds.”

But, let us ask ourself, “cui bono?”

Who indeed stood most to benefit from front page, 24/7 allegations of sexual misdeeds by a presidential candidate?


Joe Biden.

A month ago, we were getting an almost daily story line about how, in order to get re-elected, Obama had to dump Biden from the ticket and replace him with Hillary. Heck, even Biden himself was getting asked about it with regularity.

So, what’s a guy to do?

He can’t come out and say that he’s the better “man” for the job. NO way can he appear to be denigrating Hillary, who is riding very high these days with Democrats.

But a Hillary on the ticket, helping Obama to victory, also brings Bill Clinton back into the national consciousness. Her demanded price for taking the VP gig would be a highly important, and visible role, in the second term, from day one, and also bring Bill bnack into the fold, as they start to plan for 2016, and the Clinton Restoration.

But wait . Most Americans have forgotten what a “slick Willie” back in the WH would mean. 

The stained blue dress.

 “I did NOT have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski!”

 “It all depends on what the meaning of is, is.”

Bimbo eruptions.

So. let’s gently remind the American people what they’ve so far as yet managed to avoid…by giving them a minute dose of what most have forgotten;  it means when the President can’t keep it zippered.

Cain will be vindicated, though it will cause some anguish for his campaign. And that’s a bonus for Biden. After all, he does want to be re-elected.

But in order t o be re-elected, you first have to be nominated. And for Joe, that means staying on the ticket.


Yup..Joe did it..