GOP needs its own "class warfare" agenda...the battle between public and private sector employees.

At the same time that we learn that Washington DC is now the nation’s wealthiest city, that the gap between public and private compensation rates is hige, and going, we get Reid’s insane comment that the problem we face is that public jobs are suffering, while the private sector is doing OK.

So we get the usual comments from Republicans about how “out of touch”  Reid is. Instead, they should be hanging his words around every Democrat’s neck, and use it to make their case for smaller government.

20 million Americans are out of work. More are underemployed. The medical and pension benefits public employees enjoy far exceed those in the private sector. But the GOP isn’t really making the case..they’re afraid to go HARD on the offensive.

So here’s my “5 & 10” plan for Herman Cain, and others..

Candidate announces that upon election, he will, in the first year, donate 10% of his salary to the governemnt for deficit reduction. In the second year 20%, 3rd…30, 4th 40%.

He will require that every member of his cabinet and all political, appointees do the same.

He will ask every member of Congress to do the same.

He will ask or order that all federal employees making over $100k do likewise, 10% increasing each year…those under $100k, 5% increasing each year.

By phasing the cuts in gradually, public employees are thus given the opportunity to resign and try to find private sector employment if they feel they are underpaid.

Total federal ( non-militray ) payroll will be cut a minimum f 5% every year for the next four years.

All of the above policies to continue until we have a balanced budget AND a zero deficit.





He will ask ( in those cases that he can’t orderthat every federal employe