Is Joe Biden trying to get himself tossed off the ticket?

What can we possibly say about Joe “don’t mess with me, man” Biden? Each day his comments become more vitriolic, his rhetoric more inflammatory. Republicans are in favor of rape, and want to see children die.  Yada, yada, yada….At this rate, it’s hard to imagine just what will be spewing from the mouth of the man Mark Levin once called the “dumbest person in the Senate,” by early next year. Remember, this is the man who often admits in public, even while chairing a Senate hearing, that the topic in question is above “his pay grade.”

But could Biden possibly  have an ulterior motive, a secret strategy?

The rumors that he will be replaced by Hillary Clinton on the ticket will not die. Despite his best efforts to refute them, and Hillary’s repeated denials that after her arduous and stressful term as Sec. of State, she can’t wait to return to Chappaqua, babysit for Chelsea’s kids, and bake cookies…as Obama’s poll numbers worsen, the liberal blogosphere resounds with chatter that Obama will have to do something to shake things up.

And dumping Biden from the ticket, and replacing him with Hillary would surely do that. Democrat strategists recall fondly the passion in the party as Obama and Hillary contested the nomination in 2008. And more and more it seems that the story is being rewrit: Obama didn’t so much wion the nomination, as Hillary lost it, via several strategic campaign blunders. So imagine the passion, the energy, the money the two of them would bring to a unified ticket in 2012.

About the only person not happy with all this talk and innuendo is Biden. So, what’s a guy to do? Does he want to end a long career in public service as an historical asterisk *. It’ll be a great trivia question in about 50 years: Who was the guy dumped as the running mate of the country’s first black president?

So maybe Joe’s embarked on a kamikaze mission of his own. Maybe he thinks that Obama can’t win, and he doesn’t want to go down with the ship, let alone be blamed for the loss. But unlike a statesmanlike Dick Cheney, who four times offered to leave the ticket if Bush thought it would help, Biden’s not one to do the correct, gracious thing. Based upon his 40+ years of public service, there’s no evidence of such a chromosome in his political DNA.

But if he says more and more outrageous things: statements that will resonate with the increasingly radical base of the Dem party, the OWS crowd, if you will, then Biden can be pushed out, with “honor”…at least as “honor” is viewed in Democrat circles.

So, you go Joe…just open up the mouth, don’t even bother to engage the brain, and let it rip. Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. And when you’re “encouraged” to step aside, instead of taking the Amtrak back to Delaware in shame, why, instead, you’ll be the toast of the town, the darling of the MSM, booked continuously on MSNBC, lionized on dailyKos and the Huffington Post.

And instead of being laughed at Joe, you might actually enjoy the last laugh for once.