Can anyone explain the GOP congressional strategy for Obama's jobs bill?

This has been aggravating me for some time. I’m trying to understand what the GOP is doing with Obama’s jobs bill, and for the life of me, I have no clue. I think it’s important, because it gives considerable insight into House GOP leadership…or rather, the lack of it.

As we all know, a few weeks ago, after much ballyhooing and pormotion, Obama finally produced his jobs bill…basically a junior version of stimulus/porkulus.

He’s since been running around the country, and running his mouth , demanding that Republicans pass  the bill, and pass it as it…just the way he wrote it..he won’t take any changes, nor does he want parts of it passed.


We all know it’s a big political campaign stunt ….and yes, it’s not working, but it’s all he had left in his quiver… My question is, then, why is the GOP leadership treating it seriously?

After the bill was announced, two things happened:

1. It took a while for ANY Dem to even introduce the bill in the House.

2. It became obvious from comments by senate Dems that there was no way the bill could pass the Senate.

So Republicans in the Hosue are now  talking about taking up some parts of the bill, and Obama continues to use the House GOP like his own personal pinata.

The question then is..why is the House GOP even bothering. Why not say they won’t even waste time considering any part  of it, until the Dem contrlled Senate acts..and REMIND people everyday that for 1000 days the Dem controlled Senate still hasn’t passed a budget.so why should the Hosue even bother?