One good thing to result from Solyndra: no longer do the Dems talk about the need for government to "invest" in America.

Prior to the Solyndra scandal breaking, you could guarantee,  with the same predictability that the sun rose each morning, that every time Obama  ( along with every other elected Democrat official) spoke, included in the ritual mantra of “saving Social Security and Medicare” was the chorus about the importance of government “investing in our future.”

Despite the fact that “government investing” is NOT among the powers enumerated to the federal government in the Constitution, they repeated it endlessly, ad nauseum, slowly attempting to condition the American electorate to accepting the concept.

After all, according to the Dems, government successfully “invested” in GM and Chrysler, so targeting selected “green energy companies” for government investment was only a logical extension of this policy.

But since the Solyndra scandal hit the news, Obama has completely stopped using the words “investment” or “investing” in our future.  Obviously, given that his administration has just blown a $560+ billion “investment” in a company that was already losing money hand over fist, he really can’t talk about making any more investments.

Yes, they’re still trying to push through more green energy funding for several other companies, but it’s much harder to do so, to try and explain what they’re doing, withouth using the word “invest”

Words ARE powerful. Americans all know what “investment” means. Americans can be divided into two groups..those who already are investors, and those who would one day like to be able to invest.  So losing the ability to talk about government “investments” changes the dynamic greatly. It’s like trying to describe water without using  the word “wet.”

Solyndra is important for several reasons. It’s a major scandal, which will impact and impair the Obama administration going forward. There may well be criminal indictments. But as a scandal, its real value is that there is a clear concise timeline of events. Unlike the many Clinton scandals, which were obfuscated by the intervening years, this one  is easy to follow. It’s like a map of a  railroad..pretty much a straight line from A to B..with a few spur lines attached. Very easy to follow.

Years ago, when I first started doing some public speaking for my business, I was told above all to never give the audience the MEGO syndrome. (My Eyes Glaze Over) You can tell when you’ve lost your audience..when they don’t want to work hard to follow you. We’re seeing some of this already in the Gunwalker events…the administration is attempting to stonewall, hoping that the public loses interest.

This likely can’t happen with Solyndra. Everything is out there, easy to see, and all very recently. But it has also deprived Obama of a key component of his rational for an ever-bigger government..that somehow they’re smarter than the private sector.

They can’t make that case anymore. And that is important.