Is it time for Herman Cain to release complete detailed medical information and allow his doctors to speak to the media?

We witnessed two amazing events this weekend. Cain easily won the Florida straw poll, trouncing the two presumptive favorites, Perry and Romney. In Michigan, Cain finished second, to Mitt, but  for Romey, Michigan,  and NH are almost favorite-son states..so it’s an equally significant finish for Cain. And he did finish ahead of Perry.

Obviously, the GOP base hasn’t made up its mind..not even as to who are the top-tier candidates in the field. And anything is possible. At this time 4 years ago, the two top favorites were Guiliani and Thompson, and we all know how that turned out.

Cain is obviously a serious contender, and if he doesn’t win the nomination, could now well be on  most everyone’s short list for VP.

Disclaimer: I have not yet committed to any one candidate, but would have absolutely no problem vigorously supporting Cain if he is in fact the nominee. He is a God-fearing gentleman of character, and a true conservative. He would make a superb president.

We are all aware of his  medical history..his successful battle to overcome cancer. He has spoken of it eloquently, as well as using himself as a cogent example of all that is wrong with Obamacare and why we need to overturn it immediately.

Does anyone on the right harbor any doubt that if Cain is indeed on the GOP ticket, he will be subjected to a disgusting, virulent campaign that questions his health, his ability to serve as president?

C-A-N-C-E-R. It’s not as big a bugaboo as 20 years ago, but it still scares many people. You can easily imagine the left’s script:

* Is he really cured?

*What happens if it comes back?

* In these difficult times for America, can we afford to elect a president who might be undergoing surgeries, radiation, and/or chemo?

We’d be subjected to endless dissertations from the left about how the 25th amendment might come into play each time. They might even remind us about all of JFK’s medical problems, and how they were concealed from us ( though of course fail to mention that it was a compliant media that did so, thoroughly failing in their responsibility to report the truth.) We’ll be told how Muskie’s medical history resulted in his being removed from the ticket.

They will of course fail to remind us that neither Clinton or Obama ever released medical records..something that conservatives have been complaining about  for years.

I think it is now the appropriate time for Cain to deal with the issue head on.  There is absolutely no  doubt that it will come to the forefront  if he continues to gain in the polls.

He should hold a press conference, VERY SOON,  and speak directly to the issue. Indeed, it could well be a positive event for him. It could go something like this:

 “As many of you know, I am a cancer survivor. I have spoken often about my medical history, the treatment I received, and the fact that I am now cured. I am a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, and recently grass roots Republicans have shown a great deal of trust and confidence in me by indicating their support in various polls.

I can well understand how some people could be concerned that if I were elected to the office of President, that I am capable to leading this great nation through the difficult crises that we face.

Accordingly, I am directing that my complete medical history be immediately released to the public. I will also authorize all my doctors, surgeons, oncologists to speak directly to the media, and answer any and all question about my health, medical history, and prognosis.

Any person who hopes to win the presidency can do no less. If I am to ask  each of you for your vote, as I will be doing during this campaign, then you are entitled to information as you assess my candidacy. Thank you.”

Two obvious points:

1. This will immediately put tremendous pressure on Obama to do the same. I don’t think he could successfully avoid not doing so. It would become a HUGE issue in the campaign.

2. Republicans who are favorably inclined towards Cain also need to know all the details, have it assessed and discussed openly by medical experts. Again, we felt it was wrong of Clinton and Obama not to release their records…we should hold our own potential nominee to the same standard. Cain’s successful battle with cancer is a story of courage and hope.  I believe him when he says he is cured, but he is not the sole authority on this matter. Again, it will come up, and knowing the left,  in a very vicious manner. Far better to deal with it now.

Note: Lest some here take offence at this diary, possibly feel that I am somehow being insensitive.. or whatever,  I offer the following personal narrative. I am 64.  18 months ago, I was diagnosed with a low-grade Stage 1 follicular lymphoma. I had surgery to remove a lymph node from my intestine, as it was causing a recurring blockage and bleed.  . I  have one treatment cycle with Retuxin ( a biologic, not chemo) and have had 3 PET scans since, as well as regular blood work, and everything is normal, status quo. My oncologist is very optimistic, as am I. He believes that it will be years before any intervention is required, and the ongoing R&D into new therapies and treatments is mind-blowing.  I have completed 2 triathlons, and 3 half-marathons in the past year. If  I were running for president today, I have no doubt whatsoever that I could withstand, and complete, the rigors and stresses of 4 years in office, if not hopefully 8 years. However, I believe it would be my responsibility to make all my medical records available,and allow the media access to all my doctors.