Now that Obama's at the Vineyard, I can ask, why didn't he vacation in Florida?

I’ve been wondering about this ever since the vacation plans were announced. Martha’s Vineyard? It made NO sense whatsoever, for all the reasons that have been mentioned. I hesitated to post this before, lest someone actually suggest this to the WH (g)

If Obama is serious about getting re-elected, then he HAS to win Florida. There is NO realistic electoral vote path to victory without carrying the Sunshine State.  His popularity here is dropping, and the GOP is in ascendancy.  But if he’s gonna try, this would have been the place.

And don’t say it’s the heat. ( We have A/C..lots of it….and the sun and the beaches are the world’s best.

Instead of paying more than $50k to rent a placed for a week in Florida’s a bargain this time of year. He could have used it to boost Florida to the nation. “I know times are tough” but here’s a great place to come, and it’s a bargain this time of year. Heck, Gov. Scott would have to agree with those words.

Ten days…OK….here’s what could have been: ( if I were a Democratic strategist)

Two days on the Gulf Coast….gorgeous beaches, and a chance to talk about the recovery from the Oil Spill.

Two days in Orlando, taking the kids to Disney World ( unbelievable photo ops….great publicity)

One day in Tampa ( Busch Gardens, again with the kids) and outeach to the large minority community in the Bay Area

Two days in Miami..South Beach would love Obama

One day in the Keys….

Lots of chances for Obama to play golf….we have more golf courses than alligators..and we could have arranged for him to play Sawgrass, maybe with a few pros..Talk about a GREAT photo op..Obama on  the 17th tee…will he hit it in the water, or not….HUGE coverage..and he wins either way..great if he gets it on the green..he looks human if he puts it in the water….heck..he could have taken a bunch of shots off the 17th tee.

Everything the WH and the president does is political…..including vacations. What he’s doing now makes no sense. what he could have done, should have done, here in Florida…well…

He missed a big opportunity, and I can’t help but wonder why?